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Recent sculptures made as gifts

My favorite vacation photo of the 40' tall "Bliss Dance" lady appearing to do a high five with a George Strait billboard in Las Vegas. 


I have designed this incredible sculpture and I have no idea how to construct it.  From the north, south, east, and west angles (top row in figure to the left) it presents a different shape, or what I am calling letters.  I designed it on a three dimensional architectural program and I have at one time had a paper model of it.  

"Dog Moon"

I have participated in three exhibits at the DC Arts Center in Washington, DC.  For a small fee, you can buy some wall space to show and sell your art during the fund raising exhibit. This is the latest one that I showed. It did not sell but my sister has it now and she likes it.

Do you like these projects?

I will keep making more.

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